It's nice to have a new house.  But it also means a lot more work.  I find it's far easier in the long run to build a second wall inside the first.  Where one has concrete or block walls as is the case here, this gives you a place for wires and a place for attachment purposes.  Standard construction practices are used throughout.  The ceiling is suspended for easy access - not that I expect any problems, but to be on the safe side.  Nothing is worse than having to destroy a drywall ceiling over a train layout.  The floor is laminate.  Part of the purpose of doing all this is to allow for easy deconstruction when it's time to move on.  Remove the layout, patch and paint, and the basement is now grade A living space. 
South Room Served As Shop Double Walls Ready For Drywall Almost Ready
Ready For Coving Masonite In Place Complete Background Up

What is shown here is the south room only.  Backdrops are in place throughout the basement.

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