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a different Tehachapi

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I love trains. I have always loved trains. I will always love trains.

I have actively modeled in N Scale since the nineties.

The National N Scale convention will be held in nearby Nashville, TN in late June 2022.    The layout will be dismantled after the convention layout tours.   This will be your last chance to view this landmark layout.

Know that I am open to hosting individuals or small groups most any time, just let me know your desires by emailing me at

You can see photos on the layout web site at and at is a lengthy thread and the earlier photos were hosted by photobucket who changed policy mid stream but most of those earlier photos can be found at the site)  The later posts on the Trainboard thread reflect later additions made to the layout up to and including the present.

I have also posted many times to's Sunday Nite Photo Fun (a holdover from the late lamented Atlas forum), and there have been many articles about the layout in both Model Railroader and N-Scale Magazine.  The latest article is 35 pages of photos in N Scale Railroading' June 2020 issue, available  online.

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